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Makers Wish

An online Sales and Bartering Tool designed specifically for Makers and Craftspeople. It is a multipurpose ecommerce website for creatives, allowing them to sell their handmade products and earn a higher percentage than what is currently being offered on other platforms.

One of the unique benefits that MakersWish.Market provides for its users, is the opportunity to give, sell, and barter amongst themselves. Each individual has the ability to make their personal “Wish List” viewable by other Makers, based on their location. This encourages local members to contribute in making one another’s Dream Work, all while reclaiming, recovering, and repurposing the many valuable tools and materials that are already out there in the “Makersphere”.

Our focus at MWM is Recovery and Restoration. We want to do our part to keep these already existing tools and materials out of landfills and give them a new life.

All proceeds will go to support our Heart Project: A Supportive Housing Community. We focus on building or providing affordable (to the buyer) efficient homes with smaller footprints, with the intention of creating BIGGER LIVES for our CommUNITY members.

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